My Health Restored

Just at the start of the pandemic, my health took a nosedive. I suffered a heavy personal loss in 2020 that took a huge toll on my body.

I tried everything to regain my health, fitness and mobility, including travelling to a very unique medical clinic in Germany, which specializes in fixing people's joint and pain issues.

I was so amazed by this experience that I decided to write a book about it ("7 Days to Relieve Back Pain – in less than 10 minutes per day").

The "BackHealth" page contains supplemental material to the book.

But my research didn't stop there. I am in the process of trying a number of methods to slow aging altogether and possibly even reduce my biological age – and I'm in the process of writing another book about that journey.

One of the anti-aging methods I personally use are Lifewave patches – you'll find more information on those on my Lifewave page.

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